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Peter Luther, Author

Works in Progress


The Vanity Rooms is the third Honeyman installment. It’s likely to published in the first half of 2012 but I’ll be posting regular updates. My thanks to everyone for being so patient, and I promise there will a shorter wait before my next novel.

The story features an eighteenth-century chess set, where the pieces come to resemble characters in the story, their moves imitating their actions. The chess game is connected to a mobile phone which is infested by a two hundred-year-old chapter of French Revolutionaries. Both the chess game and the mobile come to dominate the central character’s life and aspirations, while Honeyman attempts to unravel another complex mystery which has at its core a craving for fame and celebrity.

If you’re confused, then you should be.

It’s another Luther novel!

The cover of the book will feature a chessboard, with a chess piece reminiscent of Marie Antoinette.

The synopsis can be accessed here.

The first two chapters can be accessed here.

I very much hope to catch up with you all in 2012 at either my launch or at a signing.

Warm regards,